For your documentation: USB-Stick for filing in any folder

Are you looking for an alternative to CD / DVD and cloud?

The innovative COMBINATION of PAPER and digital DATA from FilEREX!

The business USB for the highest demands and physical data sovereignty. We have developed the BUSINESS-USB for your VALUABLE DATA. The patented professional for professional users! Optical media has long been the standard - not easy to use, but relatively inexpensive. Today there are hardly any active drives left - in addition there is the generation change. If you weigh all the options, the modernization remains in the cloud or a USB stick. OUR APPROACH: If USB, then Business USB!

Where can I find important data immediately? When important data is lost, the problem begins. It gets expensive. Create new data, search and start again. Not to mention the difficulties. Find the dates in which they are stored. Always at hand, always at hand.

​The Hybrid Solution

Whatever you want to document or pass on information: The business USB digitizes your classic paper solution. Two formats become a new unit - simple and ingenious, proven and digital. Can be implemented immediately, without large investments and without expensive installations or long training sessions. Arrange a free and non-binding strategy discussion. In this we evaluate which solution is the best for your area of application and your budget.

Your Benefits

This is what you can expect from the FiLEREX Business-USB. The application has already proven itself in hundreds of projects and is ready to be adapted by you.

Never lose important data again

Implement storage obligations

Keep sovereignty over your data

Zwölf 12 USB Stick statt Hülle zum abheften im Ordner von Filerex statt USBfix von Trivtec
  • 128 MB to 4GB
  • For Marketing-Data
  • Promo-Line Quality
  • Quality-Upgrade (optional)
  • USB 2.0
  • Silikon Material (PVC-free)
  • Housing color as of choice 
  • 128 / 16 / 6 mm
  • 10 Gramm
  • Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Own Logo
  • Ad Area 1: 36x12 mm
  • Ad Area 2: 36x12 mm
  • National warranties

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FiLEREX Europe

About Filerex

The cornerstone of FiLEREX Europe GmbH & Co. KG was the granting of the patent for the USB for filing. It represents innovation and creativity for the company in a competitive market. Our actions are characterized by passion and enthusiasm for technological know-how. More than 15 years of national and international experience and last but not least 10 million pieces sold are an expression of our entrepreneurial spirit. Our mission: To make the FiLEREX USB standard available to everyone in Europe.

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